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At Niku Bar, we want to recreate the playful bustling, energetic and friendly atmosphere that is unique to the vibrant Japanese night life culture. In Japan, the night offer escapism from the hectic daily schedule - it is a chance to reconnect, relax and just have a fun time. 

Our innovative set menu has been carefully curated to accentuate the defining characteristics of the ingredients, which will allow the diners to fully experience its nuances and characteristics. Coming to Niku Bar, our patrons can expect an innovative menu filled with the highest quality of meat cuts and extensive Japanese drinks.


Served with:
BBQ Sauce | Choji's Signature Salty Sauce | Spice BBQ Sauce | Truffle Oil with Salt
Complimentary Homemade Pickles

Due to market availability of products, Menu is subject to change without prior notice.

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